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Here are some of the news stories posted on during 2007 that focus on As The World Turns or past and present ATWT performers.To read any of the articles listed below, simply click on the appropriate link.And then my summer going into my freshman year of high school I went to the city on an open call for a manager and they signed me. Question: If I’m not mistaken, I think I read this somewhere, but shortly after you landed your role as Maddie Coleman, MTV gets in contact with you and they end up documenting your whole experience on MTV’s. Alexandra Chando: Well actually, I found out I got the role and then like an hour and a half later the publicist calls for the show and was like, “MTV contacted us and they want to know if you want to do this.” I mean, my head was spinning. I mean, first day at a new job is always stressful and crazy as it is.I started auditioning during my freshman year of high school and I got a pilot when I was a sophomore and commercials and everything, but the pilot did not get picked up. Two hours later I got an offer to do this great show and it was a great opportunity. What was it like having MTV and all these cameras following you around? The first day…what happened was that I found out the show on a Friday.Alexandra stopped by and talked to Buddy TV about working with MTV, her character, Maddie Coleman, and balancing acting with education.Question: Alexandra, can you start by telling us a little about your background and how you eventually ended up as Maddie Coleman on ? Well, when I was younger I did a lot of community theater, I was really heavy into theater and musical theater especially, and in high school I stuck with it and did a lot of theater. I always said I don’t think I would do a soap opera but I absolutely take any of that back because it’s like school. You get so much experience and exposure and I’ve improved and I’ve learned so much just by being on the show for a year and a half.To access articles from other years or to review articles with similar themes, please see the News Archive links below this text to access a specific year.

I auditioned for it, I thought it was one of the worst auditions I’d ever went on, and I ended up getting it. I met two people and they were the people I had screen tested with so I was really uncomfortable with the fact that I was gonna walk in there and have a camera crew following me around. But in the beginning she was really kind of quirky and she’s just a really caring person and she was very comedic. But she’s very comedic and kind of dorky and quirky.

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Your vacation zach roerig dating alexandra chando with a visit to the Floating Markings outside of the city center.

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