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I was in the hospital from Friday until today suffering from dehydration and my kidneys had stopped functioning. I read in the paper about an eight year old boy who hanged himself.

It's hard to imaging a child that young would even know how to hang himself. Maybe you do not even know why that person does not like you. Every year many of the employees get cars from office. I wanted to drop in and say "Hi" before I started trying to catch up a bit on what I have to do.

She's 19, even though I posted her as 20 on the site (she will be 20 soon enough) but she does have a more mature look to her, so she doesn't pass as the under 21 type.

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Most couples spare barely a thought for their wedding rings during painful divorce proceedings, but the first look at a naked finger after the fact is often heartbreaking.

Despite negative emotions, people yearn to give new meaning to their wedding rings instead of simply throwing them away.

After fourteen years of marriage and six daughters in a row, a couple in my neighborhood finally welcomed a son.

Now they must raise seven children instead of the four they had originally planned to have. I'm here and home again, but I may not be active for a bit while I try to get back on track.

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The sections below offer new singles several options for repurposing their wedding rings.