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Consolidating worksheets into one on

However, a simple VBA code can do this in a few seconds.Here is the code that can combine all the workbooks in a specified folder into a single Excel workbook: Dir returns the first file name that matches pathname.Before you start: if your worksheets are identical, it's probably easier to create 3D-references (if you have one workbook) or External References (if you have multiple workbooks) to consolidate your data. However, the beauty of the Consolidate feature is that it can easily sum, count, average, etc this data by looking at the labels. Because our worksheets are not identical, we want Excel to sum cells that have the same labels. Stored constants, matrices, DOE objects, and worksheet descriptions are not transferred into the merged worksheet.

Excel makes it easy to combine data from difference sources into one master spreadsheet.

I have used this script for many years now, and is now part of my Excel cheatsheet warchest must-haves.

Use the Merge Worksheets commands to combine two or more open worksheets into one new worksheet.

To get any additional file names that match pathname, call Dir again with no arguments.

When no more file names match, Dir returns a zero-length string (“”).

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You can specify how you want to handle multiple occurrences of a value in the By Columns.

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