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In Belgium, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, the Republic of Ireland, Israel, the Netherlands, and Romania, the yellow pages are known as the Golden Pages.

Online marketing is like speed-dating—you’ve got just seconds to persuade someone that you’re worth a longer look.

You have different shopping habits in urban markets than in suburban and rural markets.

It’s not an either/or issue; people tend to use whatever media is convenient for them to get information.”But the trend lines all seem to be pointing in the same direction, so we asked a few folks from around the industry what date they might envision for the directories’ final print run.

They also established pricing structures that made it very difficult for business owners to down-size their ads when they realized the costs were too high.

Such made for a financially debilitating cycle for many business owners.

Get listed accurately on 60 search destinations, publish engaging content to all your listings at once, and monitor social conversations all from one easy dashboard.

The directories were originally printed on yellow paper, as opposed to white pages for non-commercial listings.

The traditional term "yellow pages" is now also applied to online directories of businesses.

It is clear that what is left of the print yellow pages has been taken over by regional and national advertisers.

One has to wonder though if they ever bother to calculate their returns or they are doing this out of habit.”Neg Norton, the president of the Local Search Association pointed to differences in local usage to partially account for the books’ existence: “We are seeing printed Yellow Pages usage decline as you would expect. We see a much stronger use of directories in surburban and rural markets.

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In the United States, it refers to the category, while in some other countries it is a registered name and therefore a proper noun.