Google desktop email gadget not updating newmexico dating com

Posted by / 21-May-2020 01:37

Google Desktop has been released back in 2004, when Windows didn't include a powerful desktop search engine.

Since then, Google added support for gadgets and launched versions for Mac and Linux.

The most recent post from Google Desktop's blog is from July 2009.4.

Google Desktop removed two important features in January: search across computers and shared gadgets.

The reason given was that "In the last few years, there’s been a huge shift from local to cloud-based storage and computing, as well as the integration of search and gadget functionality into most modern operating systems.People now have instant access to their data, whether online or offline.As this was the goal of Google Desktop, the product will be discontinued".One of the built-in gadgets is a small Twitter app that has been last updated in September 2009.Unfortunately for Google, Twitter changed the authentication API and the gadget can no longer be used. Google Desktop's last significant update was in July 2009.3.

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