How to tell if youre dating a loser

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But it is very hard to suppress those passions forever, even with Adderall.You may not think of your natural passions much during your honeymoon phase of taking Adderall, or you may simply reassure yourself that you’ll get back to those other things soon or after a certain goal.They’re dating/sleeping with others and even though it makes you feel like crap, you stick around.You sit at the round table in their harem, fawning over them and competing for their attention.Here’s the thing: When you wait around for someone to ask you out and you put yourself on layaway so that you can be available should they see fit to ‘make contact’ and dignify you with their presence, you inadvertently communicate that not only do they not have to value your time or even you as a person, but that you’re an option.

You play The Good Girl/Guy and suckerdart yourself to them as Friend of the Year post breakup so they can recognise your greatness, validate you, and hopefully see the error of their ways – they think “Hmmm, looks like they’re OK with being tapped up for a shag from time to time”.

If your partner ever feels like they’re the one who’s doing all the giving, while you’re the one who’s doing all the taking, it’s only a matter of time before the relationship starts to go downhill.

[Read: 18 critical signs your relationship is starting to go bad] Your needs and your selfishness Firstly, don’t ever neglect your own needs.

” It’s easy to pat yourself on the back for the work that you do on Adderall.

You get so much of it done, you’re so good at it, and everyone praises you for it.

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It’s never easy to know if you’re being selfish or giving in a relationship.

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