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So because of kale’s not-so-tasty taste, I began my quest on how to actually consume the stuff without holding my breath and chewing with my mouth open.

Books for Children (CIBC), whose bulletin served as a valuable vehicle for revealing issues involving evaluation of multicultural children's literature as well as encouraging new authors and illustrators to enter the publishing field.

It’s a problem with all the earmarks of an addiction.”Substances of choice include:• Toxic chemicals (perms, relaxers & colors)• Hair OCD (excessive combing, brushing & heat use)• Environmental lifestyle (too much exposure to sun, surf, bad air and water)• Nutritional/dietary (fad diets, smoking, low water consumption)As with a drug addiction, once you’ve kicked your habit, you’ll liberate your bad hair, unlocking new dimensions of hair potential, says Davis-Sivasothy, who has also authored the popular “The Science of Black Hair” ( Chelating your hair: Products containing oils, conditioners, serums and pomades (or minerals), which make you feel better in the short term, can build up and actually prevent your hair’s ability to hydrate.

That’s why the first step in detoxing hair is the use of chelating shampoo, which is typically clear and lifts stubborn buildup from products and hard water.

Today Kaycee Dean is here & I'm in a Bitch-Ass mood! Today I've called Rico Strong over to pound her uterus.

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