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This section explains the federal income taxation of annuities.

Tax deferral is a popular aspect of nonqualified annuities but is redundant with qualified annuities since qualified accounts already enjoy tax-deferred status.deferred annuities, if completely liquidating the annuity, the earnings are taxed in the year of liquidation at the owner’s ordinary income tax rate.

If taking a partial withdrawal, it is taxed using the LIFO (last-in, first-out basis) method, meaning that the earnings are taxed first.

Variable annuities are tax-deferred so that investment earnings are not taxed until the owner gets the money.

Dividing a variable annuity in a divorce without unintended adverse tax consequences is tricky.

How property, including variable annuities, will be divided depends on the law of the state in which the divorce occurs.

One of the most attractive features of deferred annuities for some people is the tax-deferred nature.

While qualified (retirement) accounts benefit from tax deferral, nonqualified annuities also are tax-deferred vehicles.

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All deferred annuity withdrawals are taxed at ordinary income tax rates since the contributions were never taxed.