Macbook pro battery icon not updating

Posted by / 15-Jun-2020 02:01

Macbook pro battery icon not updating

Click on it, and it would tell you about how much time you could get out of your laptop's juice, based on your remaining battery life and current usage.For example, right now, my Mac Book Air should get about 4 hours and 49 more minutes before I need to plug in.But giving users less information isn’t going to do much to fix the initial problem, which is that the real world battery performance of the newest Mac Book Pros doesn’t seem up to the standard being promised.We’ve reached out to Apple and will update when they respond.

Apple reps told him at the time that the ability of modern processors to ramp power up and down in response to different tasks made it harder to generate specific, steady estimates.

22 and afterward sent multiple rounds of diagnostic data, at the company’s request, to help its engineers understand the battery issues we saw in our testing.

After investigating the issue, Apple says that the variable battery performance we experienced is a result of a software bug in its Safari web browser that was triggered by our test conditions.

As a result, these laptops were the first Mac Books not to receive Recommended ratings from Consumer Reports, and the only ones in our ratings of 140 laptops to demonstrate this degree of inconsistency in battery life.

We have now downloaded the software fix and are rerunning our battery tests with the fix in place on the same computers previously tested.

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The process is controlled by the firmware running on the chips within the battery, which also governs when to stop charging to prevent overheating.