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No more dating im just waiting lyrics

This one goes out to all my fallen friends I know that we’ll all be together in the end So hold your loved ones close For forever and a day I know only god can tell when we’ll be washed away Who are you? I know that things aren’t right between you and me Under the scope, I’ve done all that I can And I have been watched by many of jealous men Who are you?

I think we should rule out commitment for now – “Passionfruit”37.

This be calling, we could never be fake, Thanks to Hip Hop I got a bed in every state, And without it I’d roam the city with no purpose, Without the underground I’m a clown without circus, I flip verses, you feeling me? Hilltop Hoods and we’re coming up, So step on up if you’re dumb enough, Hilltop Hoods and we’re coming up, So step on up if you’re dumb enough, Hilltop Hoods and we’re coming up, So step on up if you’re dumb enough, Hilltop Hoods and we’re coming up, So step on up if you’re dumb enough. I’m on stage with a handful of Panadol’s handing ‘em out, Cos of the head throbbing from the head nodding, And we about putting you out for the count like mic check, You ain’t gonna get Certified respect, So hide your decks, your mics, I might blackout, In a cipher and I’ll still take the title, The name’s Sesta, I snatch an ‘L’ plate and slap it on your forehead, With more force than porn sex.

Abilities, My currency with which I buy credibility, Facilities were built just to be torn down, Till the wheels fall off, and my pencils all worn down, Till death comes to collect his debt, I’ll wreck the set, When heads check in retrospect, I’ll get respect, Cos I did what I was called to do, It’s Hip Hop, I did it all for you, We true to this, got clout on turntables getting played, We doing this without a label not getting payed, So from the cradle to the grave, microphone to retirement home, I’ll be on stage; I’ll never leave the rhyme alone. I once had time on my hands, but now handling time, Is coping with this life cycle and the mandatory grind, My sanity’s fine, just falling short of stamina I’m, Searching for some food for thought to feed this famine of mind, And when I’m stagnant I rhyme, it helps the night turn to day, I churn my way through this nine to five and urban decay, Believe me it’s bleak, and though the city breathes in its sleep, It’s just a paddock, ain’t no where a shepherds leading these sheep, Now most prefer a covered up lie than the truth naked, The truth is ugly like cellulite; please don’t publicly parade it, I hate it but to escape it would be luck on fluke, I feel like I’m a dope beat but I’m stuck on loop, But that’s my life cycle; freedom means everything to me, And face value’s got us believing everything we see, So if our eyes tell us lies the truth is we’re blind, So keep on walking straight and narrow down illusionary lines. It’s the Hoodhist monks with the Certified MC’s, I make you nod your head like Parkinson’s disease, So stand at ease but don’t step to our clique, I’ve got a hundred metronomes just waiting to go sick, So take your pick, but not the axe or the shovel, After hours I make beds rock like Barney Rubble, It’s kinda subtle, the way that my flow pours, And leave your ears up shit creek without a Funkoar.

BTBD (Shaw/Williams) Hello my friend Are you happy with what you see? All that she needs is a banker, a toy, a boy and a dress All that he needs is a lock on the door Some love in his heart to fill this hole in his chest You could be the love, I could be the fight We could say forever, staying up all night This is about as low as I could be tonight You could be the love, I could be the fight Who are you? I feel it in the air I’ve said it too many times The places I go could white out your eyes like the color of snow The rain or the sun could never prepare you For the seduction that comes with a fare Hot fire sex in the third degree Burning blunts, blowing lines, popping ecstasy I’m free from their world It had its hooks in me Still a fish out of water, but now I can breath All that she needs A banker, a toy, a boy and a dress It’s all that she needs David Shaw: Vocals, Guitar Andrew Campanelli: Drums Zack Feinberg: Guitar, Banjo Ed Williams: Pedal Steel Guitar George Gekas: Bass Rob Ingraham: Saxophone Michael Girardot: Keys, Trumpet go to top 1.

So I keep an eye out for the bright searchlight I swear I’ll never let you down again And if we try with all our might Maybe we can reach the shore again I’ve searched for you all my life Stealing in those backwood halls again It’s up in the air the feelings we shared I never know just where to begin David Shaw: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar Andrew Campanelli: Drums Zack Feinberg: Guitar Ed Williams: Pedal Steel Guitar George Gekas: Bass Rob Ingraham: Saxophone, Vocals 10. My place is cold, I’ve been up all night I’m alone, but it’s alright Is it in the air?

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Let me introduce myself, raise them beers, Suffa MC, been doing this for more than ten years, We’ve been through a lot to perfect this art, When Next left the group it near broke my heart, But then Debris stepped up as the DJ, A super team spearheaded by PJ, Chasing dreams like Fats chasing punani, It’s all about the culture, never been about the money, But we had to watch people trying to take advantage, Of us, trying to damn near rob us, We got slowed down by dodgy contract offers, But it would take a nation of millions to stop us, We got our propers, paid our dues in triplicate, Ripping it, till other crews were insignificant, I’ve stayed true, never made myself a hypocrite, Trust me, I’m wise I got the certificate. Contains elements of “Who Is He And What Is He To You”, written by Stanley Wayne Mc Kenny and Bill Withers; Published by Songs of Universal, Inc./Interior Music Corp. People chant the chorus when they hear it; yo it’s on, You rise like a tsunami, when you feel it; it’s the bomb, I’ll make origami of your lyrics, Geez that’s good Suffa, What is it? Every song’s a collection of kid’s charred lives, Like the porn section of Gary Glitters hard drive, Certified Wise throws a jam that’s so hot.

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