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command causes the system to read the current user profile file and execute the commands in this file.In the Bourne Again, Korn, and Z shells, type the following command to make your alias effective immediately.

If you want to temporarily modify your environment for the current work session, you can issue commands directly at the command prompt.By default, this would be in these two directories (on Unix-like systems): You do not need to be root (administrator on Windows) to install, use, or manage Te X Live.Indeed, we recommend installing it as a normal user, except perhaps on Mac OSX, where it's conventional to install as administrator.It is important to note that there are many occasions your profile is not run (such as when a script is run by cron).If you need a specific path to be set in PATH, a script must set that path.

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However, if you want to modify your working environment on a more permanent basis, you can store “permanent” environment variables in the appropriate user profile files.