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They are considered inferior to men in almost all legal matters, especially family laws such as marriage or child custody, and their testimony is officially equal to half of a man's.Clothing restrictions and fierce segregation laws marginalize women in the public sector, making participation in society arduous and painful.The modern schools of Japan's ancient ninjas didn't emerge until the 1970s, and their classes look a lot like jujutsu plus acrobatics plus throwing stars.But the women in the video appear to take it quite seriously, and that's the point.

Iranian women are experts in showing off without really showing off. ” “No thanks, I am okay standing outside” “But you will get cold, please, feel welcome” “Okay, if you insist, sure I’ll come in”This is a small example of something called ‘Taarof”.

But then, when they landed in Dubai Saturday, they heard about President Trump's executive order and were told they couldn't finish their trip."All the paper, everything was ready, and just in the last minute they canceled everything," Taghizadeh said. But Fatemah's doctor said she needs the surgery soon."They cannot wait, you know. Now, Fatemah's family doesn't know what they're going to do and Taghizadeh said he can't believe their plans could unravel so quickly."It's like a nightmare. Now you don't know what you're going to do," said Taghizadeh. OHSU said Wednesday that they have not canceled any scheduled surgeries or procedures at any facility due to a patient's immigration status.

And while Taghizadeh said he was willing to give President Trump a chance, now he's afraid for his niece's future, as well as his own."Why we came to U. Officials there say they cannot comment on any specific patient's case due to HIPPA regulations but added that no patients would be turned away because of the travel ban.

So the family chose to bring Fatemah to OHSU for what they believe will be a much higher quality surgery and to be closer to family members who live in Oregon."Everything was okay. She got the appointment, February 5 in the morning," Taghizadeh said. He said he worked with his family and even helped fund the trip, which is now not going to happen."Half an hour, even they took the appointment out.

With everything set, the family boarded a plane and headed to Dubai where they had an appointment at a U. consulate to apply for a tourist visa."For getting the visa, they ask for a lot of the paperwork. For three weeks we working for every single thing they wanted," said Taghizadeh. I send an email, I tried calling them, nobody answered. Even she doesn't know what she's going to do," said Taghizadeh. This thing has to be as soon as possible," said Taghizadeh. Fatemah and her family left Dubai and are they are now back in Iran.

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Participating in the event will be girls in Washington, Jordan, Peru, Tanzania and the U. The event, with help from cosmetics giant Maybelline New York, kicks off a monthlong campaign by The Girl Project to raise money for education programs.