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When you first start dating, and particularly when you start having sex, your body drops a payload of dopamine, phenylephrine, and norepinephrine into your system.

The nearest equivalent is something like running a line of cocaine while hanging off the end of a cliff with no safety gear Although this would be a truckload of fun if things stayed this way we’d never get anything else done… To solve this problem your brain releases a lot of these chemicals with new experiences and less for pre-existing ones.

I had a triple shot of coffee this morning, and then I reached for my sample of Testostérone by Swiss brand Sentifique, because I figured the coffee combined with a perfume named after the masculinity-definining hormone would turn me into a true man, or turn on my ‘beast mode’, or enable me to ‘drop panties’ (I use these terms with sarcasm, and really don’t like it when people use the latter – ‘pantydropper’ is degrading to women and ‘beast mode’, well, should be reserved for animalic fragrances – think Serge Luten’s Musc Koublai Khan, which really turns you into a delightfully stinky furry animal).

“Man: the idol that has fascinated us for many millenia, always with the same attributes: strength, supremacy and natural masculinity.

The younger the woman, the more he spends: The total spent on rings was positively correlated to the annual incomes of both men and women but negatively correlated to women's ages.

[] Research shows, if men didn't need to impress women, they probably wouldn't leave the couch: The results show that if there were no returns to career choices in the marriage market, men would tend to work less, study less, and choose blue‐collar jobs over white‐collar jobs.

It’s often when a lot of couples break up How do we make long term relationships and marriage less stale and get more of the first feelings back?I will go through the staggering amount of research in this area and attempt to find out if you can use science to orchestrate a perfect date![Note: Appologies for the poor formatting word press went a tad crazy when I put the tables in!As a bit of a break from my usual blogging routine, this weeks blogs will all be on a theme.The science of dating, moving from pick-up lines through to the biochemistry of long term relationships.

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The study was divided into two parts, one looking at lines that men use to meet women and the other looking at the inverse.

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