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Latest build for Direct X11 and beta31.2 Quite some new changes for this one.One small nasty bug decided to stay hidden until after deploy, so I updated the build,please download latest version again (replaced downloads), sorry for any inconvenience ;) So latest release has those extra bits: Download Latest version here : directx11-nodes-alpha Please note that for now most work is to replace Slim DX by Sharp DX, so next release (planned for end december/mid january) will have a couple of changes (which should not affect the patcher).Download A new version of the codec pack has been released.Download A new Nvidia graphics driver is available.To participate in Sally Ride Earth KAM, begin by registering on the Sally Ride Earth KAM website.Once your registration has been reviewed and approved, you will receive an email with login information for your Teacher account and Mission account. There you can sign up to participate in upcoming Sally Ride Earth KAM missions.

So, don’t wait, just grab the latest Firefox for android from Google Play Store and have fun.

So, by picking the parity bit coverage correctly, all errors with a Hamming distance of 1 can be detected and corrected, which is the point of using a Hamming code.

Finally, Firefox version 53 has been released on April 19, 2017, for all major OS e.g. The binary package are now available for download for Linux (POSIX) systems, grab desired one and enjoy the browsing with new features added to it.

Ubuntu 17.04-16.04, 15.10/15.04 and 14.10/14.04 will always get the latest version of Firefox via default Ubuntu’s update channel – no need to add additional PPA or download binary packages manually to install, but those who are not able to get latest version from default redepositors or using older versions of Ubuntu, they can follow the below instructions to get the new version of Firefox.

Here, we are moving ahead with installation using binary packages and it will be applicable to all major Linux distributions such as Cent OS, RHEL, Fedora, Debian, etc.

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It is a member of a larger family of Hamming codes, but the term Hamming code often refers to this specific code that Richard W. At the time, Hamming worked at Bell Telephone Laboratories and was frustrated with the error-prone punched card reader, which is why he started working on error-correcting codes.

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