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Knowify is designed to be a distributed system, accessed and used by all of your employees.

We have built-in workflows and collaboration capabilities that allow your team to work independently without you sacrificing management visibility.

Applies to: Automap Before installing new Pro Tools upgrades please ensure that you have un-wrapped (un-ticked) all RTAS plugins in the Automap Plugin Manager.

To do this please open Automap, on the Software Setup page in the bottom left corner you will find the plugin manager with a list of available plugin formats.

I don't know if this is the case but re-installing the latest available ones won't do any harm.

The original Mbox (upright model) will not work with Pro Tools beyond Pro Tools LE v8.0.1.

View and work with audio selections more easily through improved selection drawing.

Click on the Compatibility links at the top of the forum for more info operating systems and pro tools version support.

If you are updating to Pro Tools 11 or above, you will not be able to control your plug-ins with Automap.

Pro Tools 11 only supports AAX plug-ins and Automap does not support the AAX plug-in format.

Replace the whiteboard: create and maintain your schedule in Knowify so that all your guys can see what needs to be worked on while they are in the field.

As your guys work on work orders, they can punch in time and reimbursments via Knowify’s mobile app.

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Now when you open Pro Tools you will find that all RTAS plugins are controllable using Automap.

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