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When you select a field in table design, you see its Validation Rule property in the lower pane.

If I bank at Key Bank, my SSL connection to https://com results in the following certificate chain as shown on the certificate’s Certification Path tab: Each of these certificates has to be validated separately but overall successful certificate chain validation depends on the client first having access to all of the certificates in the chain.

Use this rule to compare values across different fields, or to delay validation until the last moment before the record is saved.

Examples: In designing a database, you walk a tightrope between blocking bad data and accepting anything.

Note that the version of Windows Server that was tested for validation and is listed for the virtualization product is supported, and that all the previous versions of Windows Server are supported as well.

Microsoft Life Cycle Support policy still applies for support and end of support for specific versions of an operating system and Service Packs.

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This includes password protection to ensure only authorized people can access your data, audit trails to track changes to system data, and user-level security to ensure that system users only perform actions they are authorized to do.