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Back in 2005, asked Graham about it, as she’d angered some Luke-Lorelai shippers by saying she believed Lorelai should end up with her high-school beau and Rory’s father, Christopher. I enjoyed doing scenes with her because I knew she was going to hit the ball back over the net as good as she got.”With Luke and Lorelai re-united, and David Sutcliffe coming back to reprise his role as Christopher, the Lorelai shipping wars will surely continue—as will Rory’s, as all three of her erstwhile beaus (Dean, Jess, and Logan) are back, too.Some believed Graham made that call because of a spat with Patterson, but Graham denied it, saying their relationship was “fine” and that the characters’ chemistry was similar to their own. Of course, there will be plenty more to love about the four-part revival: the deliciously twee aesthetic, the gorgeous and perpetually seasonal backdrop of Stars Hollow, all of the eccentric people who This show’s best love scene didn’t involve kissing at all.I bet he watches the show even though its more for the ladies.If there is one we love about Scott Patterson, it’s that he’s always spilling secrets.There’s another reason why she loves working on “Chloe King” so much… “I spot stars a mile away and stay away from projects that have horrible people involved. But I’m here an average of 50 hours a week, so there isn’t a lot of socializing for any of us.” Patterson was most recently seen in “The Event” and as Liam’s shady dad on “90210.” We’ll just be over here, pretending that Stars Hollow is real and that Luke and Lorelai have 1.5 kids and a bunch of little puppy Paul Ankas by now. I just can’t physically do it,” she tells NY Post’s Pop Wrap. And that experience was one I never want to repeat, so now I’m doubly careful.” Years ago, there were rumors that Lauren Graham and Patterson didn’t get along well on the “Gilmore” set.

Vinnie Patterson (Father, deceased) Leah Patterson-Baker(mother) Dan Baker(Stepfather) Zac Mac Guire(stepfather) Hunter King (stepbrother) Ethan Mc Guire(step uncle) Oscar Mc Guire(step cousin)) Evelyn Mc Guire(step cousin) Denny Miller (step cousin) Luc Patterson (stepdaughter, legal daughter) Martin Ashford (brother-in-law) Patrick Stanwood (brother-in-law, Billie Ashford (wife, deceased) Carlo Teodorowych (2001)Jack Monger (2001)Max Theoharis (2001)Marcus Spinetti (2001)Jack Riddle (2001)Harry Roberts (2001)James Roberts (2001)Nicholas Stevens (2001)Cameron Stevens (2001)Cooper Scott (2001)Felix Dean (2007-14)Matt Little (2014-present) Vincent Alexandros "VJ" Patterson is the only son of Leah Patterson-Baker and Vinnie Patterson. He's also the stepbrother of Ryan Baker and Hunter King.He’s a single father these days to a son by the name of Nick.He and his son get along well, and we wish his son might come forward and tell us how he really feels about his father heading back to television for the role that made him the famous actor he is today. Okay, try not to squeal like Sookie when she gets the perfect produce, but there is a glimmer of hope for those fans praying for an on-screen reunion.Patterson was a taken man throughout the entirety of the series. ’ She said five, and I actually said seven,” he said. We were holding out for series regular.” Thank god!

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and the world is more than a little bit excited that he’s coming back to the show in a few months for the short revival. He said that he’s a great guy, but that he’s just not the kind of guy you see on television anymore. His mother and father decided to end their marriage in 1974, but he wasn’t a child anymore.

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