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Figure out how to best present yourself on a first date to make sure that you are confident with how you come across. When a man is available that is looking for you, I’ll call you and put you in touch with him. *Putting yourself out there to try and attract a life partner can be overwhelming. Isn’t it time to jump start your dating and get the life you always wanted?Dating coaching isn’t just about behavior, it is also about perception. Let me help you write or edit your online profile to attract the right kind of partner. Let’s create some possible outreach emails so you can start contacting some of the people who catch your eye online. That fear and anxiety can keep you from being proactive for years, even decades. *Depending on your needs, we can start with a one time coaching session, or build out a program for you.Super-charge your dating skills with Make Him Mine’s proven strategies.Ensure your ability to quickly work out if your date is Mr Right or Mr Right Now.Get only the very best understanding of what makes love and relationships last that starts from the first moment you see each other!

Lets work together in getting the right man for you into your life sooner rather that later!With my coaching you will overcome limiting beliefs to discover how to use your unique gifts and talents; explore limitless possibilities, and develop strategies to achieve the life of your dreams.Like many of you I have experienced a life of personal and professional failures and successes and overcome them with a unique approach I am passionate about sharing with others.I rose from welfare and dysfunctional relationships to a successful 20-year career in the military and surviving the ups and downs of holding professional and leadership positions in nonprofit, private, and government organizations all while raising a family, completing a doctorate degree in organizational leadership, teaching at a university; and becoming a publish author and international conference speaker.Now I live an abundant, purpose-filled life with the freedom and time to devote to family and do the things I enjoy. Throughout my life’s journey coaches have been instrumental in helping me realize my purpose and develop the clarity and the tools needed to achieve a life of joy, success, wellbeing, and abundance.

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